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    RESTUBE Swim:
    For open water swimmers & athletes

    Our RESTUBE Swim is the next logical step of the RESTUBE model. With a weight of just around 210g (7.5 oz.) it is the lightest and smallest Restube ever. Because of its compact size and its ultralight material, it is perfect for active and ambitious swimmers, but rest assured - the buoyancy of the buoy is 75N, enough for all body sizes.
    RESTUBE Core Features
    Ensuring our products are always simple, effective and reliable.
    Innovative Buoy System

    More Freedom & Water Safety

    RESTUBE's buoy system is a water safety game-changer. Leaning onto the buoy keeps your head above water; you can wave it to call attention or use it to help a friend. It's designed not just for emergency situations but also for training and leisure.
    Reusable & Compact

    Lightweight and Easy-to-Use

    REUSABLE by screwing in a new cartridge. The certified 16g CO2 cartridges are salt water proof, ensured at 100% checked filling level, and a trigger cap that matches perfect to the certified trigger.
    100% Quality Parts

    German Design & Engineering

    Every single detail of RESTUB is carefully ENGINEERED IN GERMANY. Our close cooperations with universities, athletes and professional lifesavers ensures constant development of the technology. Every single buoy gets checked for firmness after production.
    RESTUBE Core Functionality
    Our innovative design advances convenience and versatility for water safety.
    View (or download) the RESTUBE Swim Manual PDF
    RESTUBE Swim Manual PDF
    In accordance with U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) guidelines, RESTUBE Swim does not qualify as an approved PFD for the purposes of compliance with state laws regarding the requirement for vessels (boat, SUP, kayak / canoe) to carry PFDs per person onboard. RESTUBE products are designed to be functional supplements to these state requirements - offering convenience as well as emergency backup floatation.

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